WWOOF In Hawaii On The North Shore

Aloha and thanks for stopping by to see what we have going on. We are a local grass roots non-profit org focused on sustainable and alternative wellness. We have just cleared about an acre of land that we are turning into an Avatar-like space. We are in the process of building Yurts, planting trees, getting veggies in the ground and even putting in wind turbines that we got from PositiveWindPower.com

We have WWOOF'ers here but no more than 4 max at time, we like everyone to be happy that way things get done with positive and loving energy.

Right now we have tent space and a yurt available for WWOOF'ers, but most people opt for tents since the tent site overlooks the ocean. We are across the street from the beach on a slope up the hill so the views are awesome. There is a lot of fun work to do, not just pull weeds but things like helping to build off grid systems, hydroponics, HHO generators, methane capture systems, etc. -carpentry skills are a plus.

Food is provided, but we eat just about everything growing here. We usually only take WWOOF'ers for about 2 weeks max at a time but we can extend for the right person.

We like to have a lot of fun when we work and since the beach is so close, during hot times we usually surf and jump in the ocean for a cool down.

Please feel free to call or e-mail us if you have any questions, our contact info is on the P.E.F. about us page and on the WWOOF Hawaii site.