After an assessment on EPFX with Nathan TolerĀ in May 2008, I was shocked to see that my body resonated severe mercury-poisoning from amalgam dental fillings, spinal energy flow issues, oxidation, hydration dysfunctions, stress issues as well as hormonal and nutritional deficiencies. With regular therapy and some life style changes, I can feel my body restoring itself back to health and in time I know I can completely overcome my health challenges of today. I thought I was in pretty good health, but now I know differently and have been reminded that health can't be gauged by how we feel and that being symptom free doesn't mean disease isn't manifesting within. I am grateful that I was introduced to the benefits of EPFX therapy.
SincerEly Pat Ferlotti
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Welcome to the Positive Energetics Foundation Wellness Center. A non-profit organization devoted to alternative healing services, free of charge. We are located on the North Shore of Oahu.

The organization's goal, overall, is to provide free Alternative Holistic Health Care and educational services for healthy lifestyle living to the community.

We are offering free of charge services like Bio-Feedback with EPFX, Body Detoxification through a number of different therapies including Infra Red and Steam Spa, Acupuncture, Education Services on Lifestyle Changes, Organic Gardening, Health Awareness, Nutrition Awareness and others. See Biofeed Video In Session

Community Events and Local Issues

HelpingĀ The Health Of Hawaiians - Heart Disease among Hawaiian Population

"In The Ground" Organic Produce - Produce for who can not afford it

The Positive Energetics Sailboat - Bringing alternative healing center to other islands

Womens' Pipeline Contest - P.E.F. Donated time and veggies to cook for staff

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